Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning on Weekend

Jan 23, 2012 in Indonesia was a holiday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As it was also Monday, it meant that we, Indonesian, had a long weekend.....that is who works 5 days a week, like me....hehehehe....
Originally, I planned to visit my sister at Yogyakarta with my nephew and mom. But, due to a bad planning, I couldn't get any train tickets. It had been sold out since two days before I queued...that's one week before the D-Day.... Apparently, now everyone watches each long-weekend-holiday on the calendar.....not just me....hahahaha....
So, we decided to stay at home and did the usual chores we do on every weekend. Started on Saturday morning.... After delivered my nephew to his school, I took the car and had it washed at a car-wash nearby. I only had to wait for 30 minutes to have it done, but due to the lack of sleep on the night before....added to the holiday syndrome....I felt sooooo sleepy. After I was back at home, I immediately went back to the bed and slept till after midday.....hihihi... Day-1 was spent mostly on the bed....hahaha...
On Sunday, I woke up quite earlier than my usual time.  So, I decided to do my laundry. At first, only my clothes..... Then, as I had time more than enough and the sun shone brightly, I decided to change my sheet and my nephew's too. While I walked by the front window of the living room, I noticed that the curtain needed a washing as well. In the end, I did the washing for almost 2,5 hour longer than usual... I just realised how many my washing were, when it all had dried up and needed ironing....hahahaha... All I could say was: "Yikes!!!!"
After did the washing, I swept and washed the floor of our house. All was cleaned, then it was the time for me to clean myself up. I washed my hair, scrub my face and body.....a thorough bath, that is....hehehe...
At Sunday evening, after finally all had finished, I looked around. I got a fresh and clean sheet on my bed. All of my working gears were ready to wear. The house felt so fresh. And I still had ONE DAY holiday left.....yay!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Most Un-Impressive Christmas

Usually, Christmas and Easter time is the busiest moment for me. I'm belonging to a church choir that's always on duty on Christmas Eve and Holy Saturday. The preparation for the event usually is done since 2-3 months before. 

So, entering December - for example -, I will barely have any chance to take a breathe. Even decorating our Christmas Tree at home will become something that have to be planned carefully when to start. Luckily, the Roman Catholic Church always start to install the Christmas Tree after the 4th week of Advent. My family just follows the tradition and never put up the Christmas Tree earlier than that. So, during the 3 weeks before Christmas, I will fill up my time with intensive choir practices at least twice a week from 8pm till 11pm, hunting for Christmas gifts for The Little One on weekends, shopping for getting sick due to the flu viruses and tiredness.....hehehe...

Last year, my parish council decided to hold only ONE Christmas Eve Mass. They worried about the terrorism threat thats supposed to concentrate their act on our area that time. So, my choir wasn't on duty, but they had been given a chance to sing one song at the Mass Closure.

I could foresee that the only one Christmas Eve Mass would make everything became complicated. The security system made us couldn't park vehicles near the church. Then, I would have to compete with other thousand people to find a good seat, so we could follow the mass nicely. So, finally I decided not to attend the Christmas Eve Mass - for the first time as long as I could remember - , instead I attended the early morning mass.

About three nights before Dec 24, I was at church, waited for picking up The Little One from his Altar Boys practice. While waiting, I sat and watched the committee of Children and Youth community held the prep for the Children Mass. I was feeling a little peculiar....hehehe..usually at the same time, I would be busy practicing with my choir.

After attending the Christmas Morning Mass, I felt something missing. I felt as though I haven't celebrated Christmas at all, as though I just came home from attending another weekly mass. There was no queuing to take picture in front of the Christmas Tree at church. In fact, I took the picture on the last week before it was due to be taken off....hehehe... It was nice, actually, because I didn't have to queue nor wait for everybody to get away from my view....hihihi...

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: E & R

Finally!!!! This is the year that I've been waiting for....since I heard those ancient prophecies about this year. Personally, I don't really worry about the doomsday that many had predicted. I'm more interested in the Galactic Phenomenon that many believe will happen in the end of this year. If there will happen many natural disasters (earthquakes, flood, hard rain, long dry season, etc.), I believe that those are caused by the phenomenon.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about something that hasn't happened, yet....hihihi... We'll see one event in each day and let's pray that we will have the strength necessary for us to get through to the end of this year and celebrate New Year again.

I saw the record of my writing and found out that last year I published only 11 times.....barely once monthly...hehehe... Many of my materials left in draft state and unfinished. Many more were unwritten, stuck and rotten in my head. So, I failed to gain a goal in my last-year-resolution : WRITING MORE. Will I write more this year? I fervently hope so....hehehe.... I should try to dig deeper into my brain and get those unwritten material out into the air.

Another last-year-resolution: FIND A BUSINESS FOR MY OWN. In the middle of last year, Mom and I had decided to build a home-laundry as a core for a later-on business: boarding house. After got a massive headache in finding a perfect name for all-purposes, finally before Christmas we agreed to one business name. Hopefully, we can formally open the business in this month.

So, I think I will concentrate in those two during this year. I really hope that Life will loan me Its strength to push, and push, and push and make the wheel run throughout this year.
And for the readers all over the world, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you're as excited as me in welcoming 2012....:-)