Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homemaker isn't a good talent?

Last night, I took a quiz through my Facebook account. It's supposed to let us know what talent hidden inside each of us. Based on the questioners, my secret talent is a PERFECT HOMEMAKER. Wow, I thought, isn't it nice? Then I read the comment below my result that made me: "Huh?????"

The creator advised me to do the quiz all over again, because it seemed I wasn't interested in anything. I was advised to, for example, concentrate in my cooking skills, so I could be a famous chef and have my own TV program.

The comment above made me wonder whether I mistook the meaning of HOMEMAKER. So, I consulted my dictionary and wikipedia. And I was right. According to wikipedia, a homemaker works full-time to maintain the home environment. If the person is female and part of the family, then she's called HOUSEWIFE. So, the BIG question is: what's wrong in becoming a fully housewife? Isn't a housewife considered as a special talent? Is it wrong to choose working behind a screen, supporting the husband in his career, raising the children, creating a comfortable home for the family?

Yes, my big dream is becoming a fully housewife. I'm not interested in becoming a career woman, nor a working wife/mom. One thing I understand of myself is I couldn't concentrate in doing more than one task at a time. I value very high women who could building her career and still doing her shares at home altogether. Working full-time has drained me at the end of the day. I couldn't imagine how high my emotion would run if arriving at home, I still have to prepare dinner for the family, checking the children's homework and smile sweetly at my husband....hahaha... I think I would explode very easily each day....hahaha... not a good situation for my loved ones.

The BIG problem in realising my dream is that I'm also rather materialistic....hahaha....see how honest I am? So, what am I looking for? Hmmmm...a rich man who prefers a quiet life and doesn't mind that his wife isn't a model-look at all, that she loves to talk, discuss and sometimes debate, that she would go berserk if he go all day without send her a short message just to say hi, that she still learns how to cook properly, that sometimes she just want to escape and do window shopping for a day alone.....uh, better stop now...otherwise, it would be going and going and going.....hahaha...and no man alive could fulfill that requirements.....hahaha..

So, any man out there dare to take the challenge and apply for the post?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Everyone is waiting for something....

Normally, I don't care too much the film genre such "The Terminal" starred by Tom Hanks. Too serious...hehehe... But, the fact is I had watched this movie twice on TV. Well, okay, because there was no other interesting programs and I didn't feel sleepy at the time.

The first time, I watched it just for filling my time before went to bed. The second time was happened recently. This time, I absorbed several things from the movie. One of them is the title above. It's one of Victor Navorski's (Tom Hanks) dialogues in his conversation with Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Everyone is waiting for something... I am waiting for a certain thing that I could see now would never come today while I write this. I am waiting for my birthday wishes being granted while I live in my life every day. And most certainly I am waiting for my questions and doubts to be answered clearly and thoroughly.

Finally, right now I am waiting for the right moment to poke someone very hard for making me waiting all day!!! Oh, well, better get some sleep. Otherwise, not only I suffered from "I HATE MONDAY" would be continued and become "I HATE TUESDAY, TOO!!!!!"

What are you waiting for?