Friday, January 18, 2008

Big, brave steps in starting my journey in 2008

The first big step was changing my phone number. I had kept the old one since first using a cellphone. My sister gave it along with the cellphone, because she wanted to buy a new one. I have three times changed my cellphone ever since, but never the number. Too much trouble, that's what I thought.

But in this last 3 years I had some bad, painful experiences that I just want to close the chapter and throw away all of the things that would remind me of them. Get a new number is one of them. Yes, it makes a little trouble in telling my new number to many friends I have and wish to keep contact with. But, I do hope the bravery in changing my number will inspire myself to dare anything else, out of this comforting box I have hold on for so long.

The second big step was celebrating new year eve with friends out of home. Usually, I spent the event at home, watching television which always perform good programs and films. This time I decided to join my brother and several friends from the youth church choir at an italian pizza parlour, dining, singing, having a good time together. This maybe one of our last times to get together, because there would be much changing in 2008 that would make us go to different ways. It was a big step because it has cost me much money than usual! All just for celebrating new year's eve!

The newest brave step is happened this afternoon. I bought the latest and the last book of Harry Potter series. Brave, because I bought it despite of the usual logical thinking in saving my money as much as I could. Not to mention that actually I've broken before this month even ended its first week. But, I've promised myself to get the book as a christmas present for myself, and I did hold on as long as possible, waiting till there is a discount price for the book. And the moment is I bought it this afternoon and got 20% off the normal price!!