Friday, July 4, 2008

Lesson from Harry Potter Adventures

Reading the whole series of Harry Potter Adventures, I wonder whether anyone noticed that :

  1. Professor Trelawney's casual warning for Lavender Brown in their first meeting (Book 3) to watch out red-haired men proved right in the Book 6. At her sixth year, Lavender fall in love with Ronald Weasley who had very red hair and a close friend of Harry Potter. It was a brief affair, ended up in disaster with Ron finally acknowledged his real feeling toward Hermione and left Lavender broken-hearted.

  2. Death Eaters who are so proud of their pure-blooded family and dismissed non-magician people and mud-blooded (magician who was born in fully non-magician family) actually worshipped and led by a half-blooded person. Lord Voldemort's mother was a pure-blooded witch, descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the famous wizards. But his father was non-magician. (Anyone could see the similarity with the history of Adolf Hitler and NAZI?)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good Will and Honesty

Here is your single's love horoscope for Thursday, July 3:
Your honest desire to maintain good will among your friends is commendable,
but you can't force all them all to get along, all the time. Some people don't
mesh well and never will, and that's okay.

Another coincidence? Or is it God's whisper to soothe my agitated mind in coming to term that once again I lost a should-be-beautiful friendship to greed and deceit. Anyway, it had made me smile when read it this morning. I agreed, I couldn't force others to have a same idea like the utopian thinking of mine in offering friendship and dealing with this world. Life will always go on and I should continue to walk, never stop hoping that maybe next time I would meet another idealist, better person.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First Award

Special thanks and very warm hugs to one of my old friends, Mbak Fida, who had just given me a SPECIAL FRIEND AWARD a few days ago. It's my first award since I started this blog, and I really, really appreciate it.....I guess I'm human after all...hehehe....craving for compliments and sweet words.

Her name is Fida, actually. The word "MBAK" in front of it is an honorary expression commonly used by Indonesian-Javanese to call an elder woman. She was my ex-colleague years ago, before she moved out to another company and finally was captured by an american citizen (hahaha...sorry, Mbak....fall in love, dehhhhhhhh!), got married and resided in USA.

She has this fabulous blog, full with beautiful stories called The beautiful artistic lay-out design of her blog inspired me to keep learn and build my own blog (uh....sometimes I just grabbed her application for my own use.....hehehe....sorry again, Mbak!). She always encourage me to keep on writing and blogging. So, thanks again, Mbak! It's a great treasure to have you as my good friend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scammers VS Friendship

Over than a week ago, I chatted with an old friend about my latest new net-pals. Laughingly, I told her how one of them so eagerly offered to buy me a new latest computer set and send me money just so we could chat anytime and see each other through web cam. I also told her what a coincidence that the other two had to go the Africa to do their business. In fact, I had been wondering for so long whether it's really that easy for any of US Citizens (yep...those three net-pals claimed themselves as US citizens) to get a work contract abroad, especially in this case Africa, when they only own a small company. I said to my friend that maybe I should get those two together, so they could be friends there in Africa....hahaha....and maybe they could compare notes about me...hahaha....

Several days later I read about a
Woman Gets Two Years for Aiding Nigerian Internet Check Scam and I wondered whether because of this I haven't been seen any of those net-pals of mine online. In fact, a day earlier when my old friend asked about them, jokingly I told her that I think they lost in Africa...hehehe....

So, it seems once again I lost another would-be-friends. But, in the other hand I sincerely hope that my bad thinking about them would be proved wrong just this once, that they aren't scammers, that they're really genuine in craving a genuine and beautiful friendship, free from any desires in getting advantage from other people. Huh, unlikely, I think! Hahaha....