Sunday, September 27, 2009

My End-of-the-Holidays Gloom

During these 13 years working for living, the company has only granted me one chance of long holiday every year. It's the week of Idul Fitri, the big Indonesian Moslem's holiday.

These last several years, I've been desperately trying to use the holiday to banish my boredom spirit, so I could report back on duty refresh and have a clear eyes. The way I used to during school days' holidays. I remember that I was always so eager to be back to school again after a week holiday, to meet my classmates.

This year, I thought I would be more successful than previous years in trying to lift up my working mood during this holiday. But no, sadly I found out that I was seeing the coming Monday in gloomy mood. And all because of the message I received from my colleague yesterday. It wasn't my friend's fault, of course. I'm sure she only did it with the best intention. But nevertheless it had reminded me so strongly about the task I would face no matter how I hate it, the routine, the same working space, the same problem years after years. In the end, I lost any fun I got from the holiday....and it left me feeling empty. Just the same like all of my holidays at the previous years.

Now, I just try to relax, grasp any activities to put any thought about the upcoming Monday behind me. Trying to exorcist my end-of-the-holidays gloom. For all of my friends who has so much luck and will certainly find the new breath in coming back on duty...I'm so happy for you, wish I could be on the same boat!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Favourite Pastime: Browsing Malls!!!

A good friend of mine once told me this story about her Malayan friend. This friend of hers couldn't understand why Indonesian people so love spending their weekend at the malls. The parking lots are always full of cars and motorcycles. The indoor is always so crowded with people everywhere. And below is the reason I gave to my friend for a possible explanation.

For many people in Indonesia, spending pastime at malls is considered as a low-budget attraction. One could see everything in one place, from books till gears, all in a beautiful arrangement. Or see other people with so many kind of appearances. When you're hungry or thirsty, you could buy food and beverages from any kind of fast-food stalls or even eat at the fancy and classy restaurants. Or you could just walk around whereas talking to your friend(s). And the best thing is - especially in a hot season like now - you don't have to feel any hot at all, thanks to the cool air-conditioner. Most of malls in Indonesia provide a complete entertainment for the whole family, from children till the old people. It's no wonder you could find a large group of obviously one family entering a mall, complete with the nannies and nurses for the children.

And for the workers like me, there's no other time than weekends to do some shopping in a leisure time. Most of us spend the workdays working till 6-7pm. There's so little energy left to do some shopping after work. Besides, it's too close to the closing time for most of stores. At weekends, we could have a whole day to browse and shop, and maybe chat with some acquaintances we meet on the way.

So, my friend, that's why we go to malls at weekends! Viva windowshopping!!