Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Newest Book Collection of Mine

Lately, I have a longing to read Agatha Christie's books more and more. I couldn't sleep at night before read one book. I had re-read and re-read all of her books I had in my collection. Then, I decided to buy some new ones. I had visited three big bookstores in my city, but there were only a few of them available....and not the ones I'm interested in...:(.

Yesterday, while doing some errands for the office, I visited a new discount bookstore. There, I found three books that I never read before. Still not the one I'm looking for, but the synopsis made me interested. Finally, I bought one of them.

In the evening, on the way out of a mall, I found another two books of Agatha Christie. One book I couldn't remember whether I had read before or not, although the title was quite familiar. The other was among those first books of Agatha Christie I read. In the end, I decided to buy both of them.

So, after searching for almost a month, finally I bought three books of Agatha Christie in one day...(Yikes!!! hihihi....) And I'm still waiting to find the one I want most. Which one? The English title is AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. The Indonesian version is called SEPULUH ANAK NEGRO. When I finally get it in my possession, I'll tell you why I'm interested in it......:P

Taken with a Sony-Ericsson J108i Cedar

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tears of the Bride not expect me to share a story about a crying bride....hehehe...
This is about a flowering creeper that grows inside the nursery of my workplace. I was so enthralled with the beauty color of its flower, that I took a picture of it....

Here you go....

 Taken with a Sony-Ericcson J108i Cedar

I'm not an expert in Botany. The plant supplier said that it's locally known as Air Mata Pengantin (English: Tears of the Bride). I asked Uncle Google, he said that it's also known as Rangoon Creeper or in Botanical term Quisqualis Indica.

Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful, huh?