Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Parental Influence in me

One day, a young friend asked me which parent that  influenced my life mostly. This is not a first time for me facing that such of question. Indeed, I always give it a serious thought in answering it every time.

Usually, I said that neither Mom or Dad gave any strong influence to me. I barely have any similarity in the way of thinking or seeing something. And although Mom has always been within my reach all my life, I'm not close enough to her to make it easier for me to interact with her.

I used to think that books and magazines had influenced my way of thinking and acting. Because since 10 years old, I've spent most of my learning time by reading. Learn about myself, about entering adolescent, about choices and consequences in life.

Today, I read this quote from a discussion in a website:
There are many ways that parents can influence their children.  I would say that these tend to fall into two categories -- children can choose to pattern themselves after what they see their parents do or they can choose to avoid being like their parents.
In large part, we as children are shaped by what we see our parents do and how we see them act.  I know that I have tried to model myself after my parents in many ways because I think they have done many things right.
On the other hand, there are things that I think they have done wrong and I consciously try to avoid doing those things.  But either way, the way I live my life has been influenced by them.
And.....whammmm!!!!....I realized that it had happened on me. Subconsciously, I had chosen to avoid being like my parents. I don't know how it had happened in the first place. Maybe the distance between my parents and I had made me turned to books and other references to look up for answers. But, not only I got the answers, I also got various information about seeing life. Maybe from those reference I could disagree to the way my parents handle things.

I guess it's right. More or less, my parents has helped me shaped my own life. Regardless I model myself after them, or try to avoid become them at all. And in all, books and parents played the same role in building myself as I am now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


A long time ago....uff, okay, in my senior high school days (that's a very long time, truly!)...I had this tremendous crush toward a boy in my class. Although he never knew about my feeling (hopefully...hahahaha...because I really kept it secret), the crush went on till some time after we parted to continue our higher study.

This morning, I found his account in Facebook. Curious, I clicked it open....and I stared at his picture..... Where's the boy I fall in love with? I wondered to myself. Again and again I tried to match the face stared at me to my memory......and I am still wondering.

I guess it's true, that time and space would change our point of view. That what looked so wonderful before, would lost its charm when we looked back after some time went by. But, still a wondering thought keep appearing inside my mind......"Huh?????"