Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and Early List of Christmas Gift

Dear God.....
thank you for this year,
even if it's full with ups and downs...mostly the downs,
because for every sad moment, you've also given me a chance to be joy,
maybe for only a tiny mini moment,
but it was certainly a chance to take a fresh breathe,
before everything would sink again.

Dear God......
thank you for many dreamless sleeps,
because whenever I slept through the night without any dreams at all,
it means I had nothing weighing my heart and mind,
and it means a lot to me,
even if I only slept for a few hours,
it was better than having a good many hours night sleeping,
but full with bad dreams.

Dear God.....
thank you for still not allowing me move out from this job,
because despite for many of my dreams still couldn't come true,
it has given me a chance to do many things else,
and it has also given me a little more of freedom at work,
more than my friends have in theirs.
(go figure it Yourself, please! You don't want me lie, do You?)

Ok, God.....
now, could I give you my list of Christmas Gift this year?
Yeah, I know it's a little early,
but I couldn't bother You again too soon,
what, with so much things in Your Hands already.
I don't ask too much, really!
It's only a new, fresh, brighter time next year,
that's all I ask.
Well, all right, with all of the complete trimmings of it.
Too much?
Oh, all right......
a little step at a time...
okay, then....
could you poke my boss
so she would give me a long vacation this Christmas and new year?
please, please, please!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pursue and Being Pursued

Early this morning, a very good friend of mine wished me a great day to start my day at the office. Laughingly, I replied that indeed I would have a very 'great' day today, being pursued by some men whereas I planned to pursue something else...and maybe another person...hahaha....

The positive side in having your profile up in a website is an instant friendship, no matter you're at a meeting or at lunch hour. The opening letter would wait there for you to open it. Sometimes, it would blossom to a good friendship, sometimes it would be better to discard and trash it, and sometimes it would make you run, either for it or from it.

Several months ago, I met someone in a website who said that he's madly in love with me. Till this day, he still keep in contact with me, whereas I still hold him in a bay. He's definitely not my ideal prince! (huahahahaha...!) Last week, I met another man in another website. I like to read his letters and enjoy to write back at him.....finally, someone who could converse in a platonic friendship and I thought the movie "You've Got Mail" was indeed only a fiction! Yesterday, I met another man (again!!!) just like the first man and kept sending me messages till late at night.

This morning, it all became a little hurricane for me. There was a morning message from the second amorous man waiting for my response. Not yet done, then come an unusual morning call from the first amorous man. Really, regardless of what their truly and sincere intentions are, I now know a little how it feel being pursued....hmmm, it should be better said as being hunted....hehehehe! Ironically, at the same day I planned to compose an application letter for a new job. So in a way I also actively pursue...a job, not a man...hahaha!

So, imagine two men running towards me from different directions trying to corner me, and there is me running to another direction trying to catch a rainbow. Phew....what a tiring morning! Okay, now I'd better pursue my works to be done at the end of today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drifted Away

I had been so deep in blue mood. Everything looked so dark, that seeped almost all of my forever-carefree spirit. I just tried to survive every other day. My online presence was invisible. In fact, I was rarely online those days. Did I work during those time? Not least, not for a quite long time. Couldn't concentrate at all, so I kept moving around my desk, did a little of this and a little of that, just to while away the time.

Sometimes, there was a thought to write something in my blog. But, unfortunately, my english vocabulary also fled from my brain.....took refuge in other safe, sunny place, I thought...hehehe....! That's the reason for my so long inactivity.

Am I finally coming ashore? Maybe, but this is November, the time when every preparation to celebrate Christmas must be started. And I do love Christmas season. Furthermore, there wouldn't be any other person than myself who could lift me up to the sunny, warm place. And the newest James Bond movie helped a lot....hahaha... Finally, a good, full action movie come around again!!!