Thursday, March 27, 2008

Relationship Status: Complicated

During several years of hanging around in cyberworld, I always wondered why there was an option of complicated in stating one's relationship status. What would one actually want to say with stating he/she is in a complicated relationship?

Does that mean you have a spouse but not live together anymore? Nope, it's called separated.
Or you want to say that you have someone special but still not married? Nope, it would be more appropriate to be called committed.

I am always suspicious towards people with complicated relationship. The word "complicated" make me think that he/she is hiding something, from new acquaintances and from family/old friends. That he/she tries to cheat his/her spouse/beloved and prepare to have fun with other woman/man.

I know that I am very prejudiced....judging others badly. I always try to see the other way, stop myself in making negative judgement. Sadly, recently I found that my suspicious above hit a stone. Oh, how sick is the world! And this person dared to call me a prude!

A prude (
Old French prude)[1] is a person who is described as being overly concerned with decorum or propriety. They may be perceived as being uncomfortable with sexuality, nudity, alcohol, drug use or mischief.
The name is generally considered to mean excessive
modesty, and hence unflattering, and is often used as an insult. A person who is considered a prude may have reservations about nudity, participating in romantic or sexual activity, drinking alcohol or consuming other drugs, or participating in mischief. These reservations may stem from shyness or strict moral beliefs. Actions or beliefs that may cause someone to be labeled a prude include advocating or practising abstinence, advocating prohibition, advocating censorship of sexuality or nudity in media, disapproval of being topless in public, avoiding or condemning public display of affection, or exhibiting unusual levels of discomfort with sexuality, alcohol, drugs, or mischief.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stations of Cross

There is always an advice from my church at this time of year, to attend at least once The Stations of Cross in preparing oneself to enter the Easter Celebration. And each year it has become a tough battle for me to follow the good advice.

I could come up with many kind of reasons that prevents me to attend The Stations of Cross. The usual and prime reason is tiredness. This event is always held on Friday-evenings since Ash Wednesday till Palm Sunday. And since it's also the last working day in each week, I always feel drained of energy and reluctant to go out again.

Today is Friday, and it's a holiday. One should assume that there's no reason at all for me not to attend it. Believe me, so I thought! A week ago I saw this holiday and thought...hey, I could go to The Stations of Cross next Friday! Then, several friends from the youth church choir concocted an attentive plan to go and visit our ex-vocal-couch. Eventually the plan fell through because of a transportation difficulty. So, I spent the day shopping and rest well, getting ready to go to the church.

An hour and half before the designated time, I went out from bathroom to find a very dark sky and a moment later it rained heavily. Then, I found out that Mom would go to a prayer meeting. There! Suddenly I found two big reasons enough to dampen down my enthusiasm. Furthermore, I couldn't ask a lift from my brother, because he had to go to his band practice for their performance this Sunday.

Oh well....there it is.....I wish God will still be willing to give me another chance to become a better person next time, again and again....! :)