Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Worst Christmas, ever!

Being on choir's duty for the lastest mass, in the evening of Dec 25,
missed all of romantic feeling of christmas carol,
being yelled by the Priest just because the present congregation gave an applause for our performance,
said it had ruined the sacred moment of praying,
said it isn't our church tradition
said that everything done in a mass should be only for God's Glory, none else
But how could someone appreciate what God has done without see it happened to something real?
How could something good happened without God's blessing?
And more basically...........
What's wrong in giving an appreciation, or a thank-you for an obvious hardwork done for our own benefit?
Worse, the priest wasn't even our own parish priest!

Hope this won't damp the spirit of the newcomers in this youth choir!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Don't lie, please!

So many years making friends through internet, I still couldn't understand why people have to lie about himself. Why pretend single if you're already married. Why flirt when you're not free to continue it through.

It is not fair. Not for your spouse. Neither for your new friend. It is one step to start an affair, a preliminary act to break an already established relationship, a first step to hurt other's feeling.

Listen to your heart

Generally, I am one of the person who rarely act spontaneously, need quite much time in taking decisions especially if it would affect my entire future. When I am faced to more than one options, I sort of let the flow taking me as far as it could until the critical time when I really have to choose my next direction. This way, I could give myself the sufficient time, more or less, to listen what my heart wish me to do for the best.

Every religion surely would say that God never leaves his people alone. He would always be gladly to show us the way. It is us, His people, who always fails to recognize what He says, because we rarely provide even a little time to keep silent, calm down, give Him a chance to talk and give us what we need to know.

People says that God speaks through your heart. The trouble is to recognize that it's really, really your heart speaking, not your emotions nor your desires. Sometimes I called the voice of God as instings or feelings, the other times I recognized it flowing through my logical mind. Either way, I always try to listen and follow it. But, there were also times that I just did something spontaneously, ignoring the alarm bells of my feelings and finally ended with disaster, more or less. Oh, well, I am only human after all.