Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Men Confuse over Women's talkings

One day, I read this interesting material over Yahoo Indonesia. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the article for more reference. When I read it, I only wrote down the points, so I would have some material discussion with a visiting friend at the evening.

The writer said that there's 5 things that often makes men so difficult to keep up in talking with women:
  1. Women often talk while do some thinking altogether
  2. We (hey, I'm woman!) often talk about many things at once
  3. Men hate it when we keep interrupt while they're talking
  4. Women love talk in riddles
  5. Women prefer to keep silent to show the anger or disagreement
Actually, at first I completely forgot to bring this open for our discussion over dinner that evening. But, somehow I came up with this material and asked what his opinion is. At least, towards me as a woman. And what his answer was?

Yes, it all are very true. Not only me, but also for other women. Especially the second point. Sometimes, he had so much trouble in catching up with my fast talks (in English, no less....hahaha...I just hope he really understood what I stormed about...hahaha...!). Then, it would become much more confusing for him when I kept jumping from a subject to another in the same breath. He really needed to listen hard and focus his attention to my talking, so he could understood where my main direction was....hahaha...Poor him! So, sorry, sir...but I couldn't gave any promises not to do it again next time....hahaha....!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Warning from Heaven

Here is your single's love horoscopefor Thursday, July 9:
If you're finding yourself getting attached to a certain someone before you really even know them, apply those emotional brakes a bit. Rose-colored glasses are great; a truly rosy
reality is even better.
Here is my reply:
I see... But I thought I had known the most important thing about the certain person that surely would help me keeping my distance. So, I'm getting attached to the person, aren't I? Gee...thanks for reminding me! I'll keep it in my mind.

Why I Love to Blog

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I got this tag quite some time ago from Mbak Fida. Unfortunately, I had a writer's blocked syndrome....in other words, too lazy, hahaha.....so only now I could respond and write about it. So sorry, Mbak Fid!

I blog because I like to write, to express my thoughts and share it with others. But, I choose to be anonymous so I could feel free in expressing my opinion. Think it as one of my masks....hahaha....! Why I choose to write it in English? So I could keep my english skills exist, although only in passive way. I do have a thought to make a special section to practice my long lost French....but maybe later....hahaha...I have other things I prefer to be done this time...hahaha...!

So, finally, I would like to pass this tag to my great friend on and offline, Starlight.