Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Running Away

These days, my hours has been filled with many problems, many confrontations. 

At the workplace, business has been stalled. I guess it's typically of many businesses lately. It needs a new blood to survive and for a chance to grow bigger. And to do that, it would need new equipments and - more important - new hiring workers. Unfortunately, the owner refuse to spend any money for that, but it never stops him for demanding a bigger and bigger income every time.

At home, I have to deal with an almost teenager who frequently head to head with his elderly grandma. Small matters could become a very big row. I try to keep calm and patient, but it also makes a fire deep inside me flare up and I can feel it's ready to explode anytime....

Sometimes, when I'm feeling so tired, I wish that I could leave everything behind for a while and go for a holiday. Just me. In a five star hotel, with a cable TV and good food. What will I do? Just spend all day on the bed....:P...sleeping, watching CSI and How I Met Your Mother.

Then, I thought the afterwards. After the short holiday, I have to come back home, back to the routinity, back to all of the problems..... Yikes!!!!
It seems running away won't solve my problems....only dry out my saving account...
It would be much better to face them, and try to solve it step by step, one by one. And hoping that during the stressful way, I will encounter some delightful detours that makes my heartache and tiredness is worthwhile....:)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My First Rainbow Cake

Ever since it was launched by one bakery in my town, I've been dying to taste it. Its colorful layers (well, it is rainbow cake, so it should be colorful like rainbow, right? hihihi....) was really tempting.

After months and months dreaming and imagining, finally I found it while shopping at Carrefour, one of hypermarkets in my town. I bought two pieces of it with different topping, and ate one of them while waiting for my sister's flight.

How did it taste? The first one I ate was quite nice. Maybe because I ate it immediately after it got out from freezer. Well, it was rather too sweet for my taste. Not the bread, but the cream between the layers...it was too sugary.

The second one was kept in the refrigerator for days, before I decided to eat it. Of course, it had become quite hard and almost tasteless....hihihi....

Never mind, I know now the taste of a Rainbow Cake. It won't haunt me anymore....hihihi....