Friday, January 21, 2011

My Resolution for 2011

Twenty one days has gone by this year. Yet, I've been too busy to sit down and think about the past and the future. No, not just at so-called social life also drained most of my energy, so whenever there was time, I preferred to go to sleep....hehehe...

Okay, I also used my full schedule to stall the time, so I don't have to think and plan anything. But, then, it's not me. I'm the person who prefer to get organized the moment my eyes open in the morning, no matter the plan would run or delay, or even ruin altogether. So, here I am....had finished my task for the day, with 30 minutes left before the closing time...and have already got bored playing on-line games (pssssttt.....hihihi...!). And all of the thoughts about this new year came flooding my brain......

So, what do I want to do during this year?
  1. Write for my personal blog more often
  2. Start thinking to build my own business
  3. Visiting ancient architecture places in Indonesia
  4. Learn more about photography
  5. Making passport for an abroad holiday
Yikes, the first month is almost over!!! Ohhh, but I still need more time to sleep.....let's talk again about it tomorrow.......zzzzzzzz....