Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our First Female Major

We officially got our first female Major!!!! 

I've been so long wanting to declare this....months ago in fact. Ever since Ms. Tri Rismaharini won the election for Surabaya's Major. But, due to massive and systemic offenses occurred during the first poll, the Constitutional Court had ordered an election re-run. So, I had to held back my jubilant expression....although, like many of other citizens, I was so annoyed towards that order.

The final vote count after the court-ordered repeat of Surabaya's mayoral election revealed that Ms. Risma (that's how she is known mostly) and her running mate, Mr. Bambang DH once again won the election. Yay!!!! No more excuses....Surabaya, my beloved city, Indonesia's second largest city have its first female major!!!

Just in case anyone's wondering why it's such a big matter....because in this still-very-patriarchal country, so many people doesn't welcome the idea of women as a leader. So many excuses they use to prevent that thing happened, from religion rules till personal matters. Sometimes, those people forget that not all of other citizens are ignorant. Many of us prefer to see the fruits of his/her work, instead of gender or races. Okay, I'm not so sure about looking over someone's's still a very delicate thing here....hehehe...

And about Ms. Risma...which Surabaya's citizen who didn't know her? Her success in making Surabaya green is well-known. There were many green areas and public parks built while she was in charge of Dept. of Solid Waste and Environmental Program here. And she is known for her straight ways in handling her tasks and all of its problems....and not just talking behind her desk!!!

With her lead as this City's Major, I hope there would be a refreshing wind in governmental management. That its prime duty is to serve the citizens. To reduce the nonsense-talking habit of politicians. To become a good example to others, that there's nothing wrong in the idea of women as leaders.

Next stop....FEMALE PRESIDENT!!!!