Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What are Your Four

I just got this in my mailbox from my friend......

Yup, answer with 4 people/things for each question below, and send it to your mailing list. We can all learn a lot from each other doing this kind of thing.

  1. Four family members: Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother
  2. Four places that I go to over and over: My office (sigh!), church, Alfa, Plaza Tunjungan
  3. Four people who e-mail me (regularly): people??? now, it would be very difficult.....let's see..... Novi, Fida, Alex, Dian
  4. Four of my favorite places to eat: Home (mom's cooking!), Dundee Fried Chicken, Mie Pangsit Jembatan Merah, Tahu Campur Ngesong
  5. Four places I would rather be right now: Home, my bedroom, in the arms of my lover (hehehe!), or at Plaza Surabaya will be enough for now (hehehe....i would be there this afternoon no thank's to this heat!)
  6. Four people I think will respond: Erna, Yoan, Ririn, Dian..........hehehe....I haven't got too much blogger friends...they're my pen-friends!
  7. Four TV shows I watch over and over: Nanny 911, Avatar the Legend of Aang, Naruto, Tom & Jerry ..........yikes! I've watched too much cartoon!!!!

Okay, here is what you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun... Copy/paste this into a new email document, and delete my answers. Fill in your own, and tag your friends. Have some fun.
So.....now I tag you, Mbak Fida and Ririn to take the next turn!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Horoscope and Me

Started by this article, I am opening a new posting labeled HOROSCOPE & ME.

I'm always interested in what my zodiac says about my day, either it's based on western rules or chinese one. I do believe that the movement of planets and stars more or less influences human character. Not a main factor, mind! But, I've seen many proofs that people who born under a same zodiac have a similarity in nature.

Combined with present position of the stars and planets, an astrologer could tell people things that will happen to them today or this week or month, even for the entire year. I don't believe the prediction too much. I only read it fleetingly. Mostly, I have forgotten what it was said the moment I turn the page. But sometimes it would draw my attention, because of the closeness to my present situation or thinking.

Under this label posting, I'd share what my thoughts when I stumble on the particular horoscope. Sometimes I guarantee it would be hillarious, just as the way I'd prefer to deliver a story. But at other time, one would think my story as ironical, cynical, maybe even sad. But, hey, c'est la vie!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tag from a friend

This morning, only a couple of days after I informed my blog to a dear friend now live abroad, I found this list of questionnaires in my email box. After spending some time trying to figure out how to copy and paste her tag (hey....I am a newcomer in blogging! sort of.....hehehe!) into my new post, finally I succeeded. Sorry, Mbak Fida, if you'd think that I make a jest in answering some questions, but maybe it's too close to my comfort...hehehe.... Anyway, here it is:

  1. At what age do you wish to marry? Next year....if [one of] the ma[e]n in question is really and truly what he says he is...............hehehe, otherwise, I'm content to try hard to become a millioner before reaching my pension age.

  2. If you can turn into anything, what do you wish you can turn into? I don't want to turn into anything, not because I love my present-self, but because I agree with relativity theory. Maybe there's something I am hard to accept in this condition, but there's no guarantee that I would be happier in another form.

  3. If you were stranded on an desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why? Anyone who : a) could make a delicious food out of nothing, b) never run out of conversation materials, c) have a good sense of humour, d) an optimist, e) bring a satellite telephone with full battery and some back up, so we could contact someone and get a help and out of there as soon as possible before I lost too many series of Naruto....hehehe...

  4. Where is the place that you want to go most? Europe, the classical places. I'd like to visit the old churches with all of their beautiful, artistic decorations.

  5. If you have one dream to come true, what would it be? Only one??? I have to choose between love and money?? Not fair!!!

  6. Who is in your mind right now? A certain someone whom I want very much to be able sure of his integrity and motives, before it's too late to back out. Any idea how is the best way to accomplish it?

  7. What are you afraid to lose the most right now? My highly logical, calm and cool mind. These last years I've felt more and more trapped in one long darkness way. There's no other way than just continue on walking, hoping that tomorrow maybe is the day when I'll reach the end of this long, tiring road, hoping that any minute now God will be generous towards me and light up my way so I could see.
  8. Do you want your first born child to be a girl or boy? Why? A boy, I think. I was raised in a family dominated by females, I am the second child and daughter. I just want to see any girl born in my own family have an older brother to protect and guard her.

  9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her? NO WAY!! Not until I'm sure about my position in his heart, and certainly until I'm sure about my own feeling. LOVE is such a big, serious word to me.

  10. List out three good things of the person who tagged you! Mbak Fida is such an artistic person, a very organized person in works, and a very positive person. She could do anything and make a success out of it! Wait, did that make it three or four things?

  11. What colour do you like? Why? I like most of basic colors, especially blue and green. Those colours is such cool and calm. But not white....it's a childish colour for me, due to the universal school uniform. Hmmm...make it difficult for the traditional white wedding gown, isn't it? hehehehe.....

  12. What type of person do you hate the most? Someone who using nice, sweet words to take advantages from me.

  13. What would you do if you won a million dollars? Starting business in building and renting economical apartments and restoration of old antique houses.

  14. What is your ambition? I haven't any ambition right now, just try and keep myself float and follow where water flows.
  15. What would you wanna be after you're dead? Haven't thinking that far, still trying to fulfill my life.
  16. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change? My hesitant to leap at the first good chance offered to me, but then the person wouldn't be me at all....hehehe....it become somebody else.
  17. What would you most want to achieve right now? Ability to upgrade my ancient laptop to a newer system so I could get benefit from those new high-techs advertised recently.
  18. What do you think is the most important thing in your life? My beloved ones, family and friends around me.

  19. If there’s one thing in your life you want to do but yet unable to, what would it be? Taking higher degree in education abroad.

  20. Among all the questions asked, which one do u like most? Why? None, these all force me to think hard and make me more tired.....hehehe...but it's good for my soul, anyway!

So, could anyone who read those of my answers above see the truly me more deeply? Hehehe.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy 715th Anniversary, Surabaya!

May 31 this year, Surabaya celebrated its 715th anniversary. This city is my hometown, the place where I was born, spent most of the time growing up and be educated, and now live and work. It's one of metropolitan cities in Indonesia. The city that I believed was built as a trade center, a port city back in the old history before this nation was born.

Maybe because of its background as a trade center make Surabaya only have very little caracteristic of its own culture. Even I, who has spent most of my life live here, am difficult to name what its specialty food is. Every traditional food here is originally from other places around Surabaya. But the trade center caracteristic makes Surabaya rich of any kind gourmet. One could find anything from eastern food till western food, from fine gourmet till fast food, from restaurants till simple food stalls.

The else thing Surabaya is rich of is malls or shopping centers. There are many malls here with different concepts to spoil shoppers. Well, it's not unusual for a metropolis to have many malls. But differs from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, one doesn't need much time to go to a particular mall, 45 minutes is the longest. At Jakarta, you need at least an hour to go to any places closest from you, that's not included the time you need to break through any traffic jam and the stress you've to endure as its result. Many times visiting Jakarta, I never could go and visit half of the places I want to. Only one place for a day! Here, in a mad time I went to three different malls with quite distance between them only in a day, say from 10am till 7pm. Mad, huh?

Maybe I am not too familiar with this city after all, that I always have no idea where I would take my guest to spend the visiting time at Surabaya. One thing I could think of is spending a day at shopping mall, or go to Ciputra Waterpark (oh, no....make it two things!) But, hey, it's not a bad idea to spend a day at a mall here! Like Plaza Tunjungan, my favourite place to hang out. One could browsing many kind of shops there, from clothes till books, till you drop. Hungry and tired? There's three food courts and many others eating places, that one could fill his stomach and rest his feet. And to close the day, there's a cinema where one could watch the newest movie. Good, eh? And need money, too....hehehe...! Oh, well, the consumerism culture!