Friday, December 26, 2014

It's been a while...(PART 01)

It's been a while since my last post. My time has been fully occupied by the laundry work. I usually start at 6am and stop all the work at 9pm. I use the time remaining for doing the book-keeping, arranging tomorrow's work and playing game... At the beginning, I used to open my blog and tried to write. But my brain had been already too tired to think, so I just stared at the blank screen.....hehehe...

This year, I has started to work more professionally. It means I take time for vacation. The first vacation I took was on last August, during our big Moslem Holiday, Idul Fitri. I closed my business for a whole week. Most of my regular clients didn't mind, because they also went for vacation I said, it was the biggest public holiday here at Indonesia. Of course, after the vacation I was very, very overwhelmed with the laundry volume I had to work on. Apparently, everyone went home bringing all the dirty clothes from their vacation and sent it to me....hahaha.... It had taken me two weeks of hard work before everything was back to the normal pace.

This month, I take another vacation. My laundry business is closed since Dec 25, 2014 till Jan 4, 2015. Originally, I closed the business only till Jan 1. But then I noticed that Jan 3 is also a public holiday. So, I gave my employees vacation till Jan 4. This time, many of my clients surprised....this is quite a long one for them. Well, it is....hehehe...

When I was still an employee, vacation on Christmas and New Year was a dream. Mostly, I only had a half day on Dec 24 and continued till Dec 25 for Christmas, and another half day on Dec 31, continued till Jan 1. So, it had been quite awkward because my family gathered together and I still went to work. So I promised myself, when I have my own business, I will make sure that I'm able to take vacation whenever I want. The first two years I dedicated all of my energy to build my business. I closed the business only on Sundays. This year, with the clients quite so many which I'm no longer able to handle myself, I start to build a professional work-system, as I have to also concern about my employees' welfare. So, I started to take vacation on public holidays.

And this is it.....the Christmas vacation day-2.....hehehe...

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